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Ohne Sterne

  • Münchner Str. 15,
    85774 Unterföhring

  • 0151 2286 9542


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Where every flavour tells a story
Ohne Sterne Restaurant in Unterföhring, Munich

Restaurant Ohne Sterne  - Unterföhring
Ein Familienrestaurant mit langer Tradition - Ohne Sterne
Geschmäcker der Welt - Restaurant Ohne Sterne

in a cozy restaurant...

with a beautiful patio surrounded by chestnut trees, among trees, shrubs and a relaxing pool, you will feel like you are in a Mediterranean resort. Away from the hustle and bustle of the streets and the noise of cars is our Restaurant Ohne Sterne. You can invite your friends, family and business partners for a spontaneous lunch or gala dinner. 
And from spring to autumn, it is here by the pool, among the trees and shrubs, that we will serve weekend family brunches. Always fresh, always healthy and always delicious. Come and try it:-) 
The restaurant is managed by professionals who specialise in a relaxed but high-level brand of hospitality.

The menu includes the chef’s interpretation of Duck as well as the classic tartare, fish, beef, fresh salads, and many more seasonal specialties 
Diners can choose from à la carte.

Healthy outlook: Always ahead of the curve, has long advocated dishes that release energy to the body instead of stressing it, so there are no supplements at all. 
Sustainability at heart: While the menu represents German ecosystems at their best, the team focus strongly on sustainability. Recycling, composting and closing the loop on waste ingredients all come second nature

Ohne Sterne Restaurant in München
Gesunde Gerichte - Restaurant in München

"Here, our philosophy is simple: everyone should be able to try everything. So come and enjoy long, full course meals on long tables while mingling with old friends and meeting new ones, sampling the carefully curated series of appetizers and wholesome dishes we offer"


Frische, saisonale gerichte in München - Ohne Sterne Restaurant

A Family Restaurant
with a long tradition

This restaurant is a family initiative started by Wojtek Henszel as he started years ago by importing German and Austrian wines, expanding the range to include wines from many other regions. In 2015 the family, in particular Wojtek Henszel and Markus Pietrek opened the restaurant, near Warsaw, called:  which is still running successfully today. 

Our new Restaurant Ohne Sterne follows the same philosophy: "Fresh, healthy, tasty". 
The food concept celebrates the idea of enjoying meals together as one big, loving family. So come one, come all, and taste a bit of delicacies:-)

The mother in law known as "Grandma Halinka" bakes very tasty cakes for the Ohne Sterne Restaurant like Pavlova, cheesecakes, chocolate cakes and many others.

Pavlova, Cheesecakes, Schokoladenkuchen und viele andere in München
Pavlova, Cheesecakes, Schokoladenkuchen und viele andere in München
Pavlova, Cheesecakes, Schokoladenkuchen und viele andere in München
Ein Familienrestaurant mit langer Tradition - Ohne Sterne
Restaurant Ohne Sterne  - Unterföhring

Flavours of the World
Restaurant Ohne Sterne

Created under the watchful gaze of our lead chef, our menu features an exotic mix of local and international flavors, as well as the chef's own original dishes - and of course some international classics to satisfy any and every craving.

Ohne Sterne Restarant serves fresh, seasonal and, above all, healthy and modern cuisine. Many classic dishes varied with elements of international cuisine. Going to great lengths to ensure that all dishes served are always tasty and fresh.